The company

“Mauritanian Lobster Company” is a company by “Green Shield Mauritania Sarl” under local Dutch management which exports crustaceans worldwide by airfreight (life) and reefer containers (frozen). Our company is based in the fish capitals of Mauritania; Nouakchott and Nouadhibou. Our goal is to supply the highest possible quality of life and frozen crustaceans to our customers. We can communicate with our customers in several languages: English, French, German and Dutch.

The factory

  • Located at 50 meters from the shore of the Atlantic ocean in Nouakchott.

  • Seawater directly pumped and renewed from the Atlantic ocean.

  • Temperature and moving air/oxygen controlled basins.

  • Factory lab water testing control on salt, phosphate, nitrite, nitrate and ammonia to maintain the highest water-environment condition for the crustaceans.

The fishing area

Mauritania (FAO 34)

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